Copyright & Permissions


It is our policy to ask all contributors to transfer the copyright in their contribution to the journal. There are two broad reasons for this:

  • Ownership of copyright by the journal owner facilitates international protection against infringement of copyright, libel or plagiarism;
  • It also ensures that requests by third parties to reprint or reproduce a contribution, or part of it, in either print or electronic form, are handled efficiently in accordance with our general policy which encourages dissemination of knowledge within the framework of copyright.

Reproducing copyrighted material in articles – clearing permissions

The author bears the responsibility for checking whether material submitted is subject to copyright or ownership rights, e.g. figures, tables, photographs, illustrations, trade literature and data. The author will need to obtain permission to reproduce any such items, and include these permissions with their final submission. Where use is so restricted, the Editor/editorial office must be informed with the final submission of the material. Please see further guidance on the use of third-party materials below. Please add any necessary acknowledgments to the typescript, preferably in the form of an Acknowledgments section at the end of the paper. Credit the source and copyright of photographs, figures, illustrations etc. in the accompanying captions.


Permission for reuse or republication of this journal’s figures, abstracts, or articles, can be granted for a range of re-uses, including:

  • Republication in a book/ journal
  • eBook
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Academic course packs
  • Thesis

Open Access

Articles published in this journal are open access, and hence made freely available online immediately upon publication, without subscription barriers to access. In addition, we also allow readers to reuse, republish, and distribute the article in a variety of ways, depending upon the license used. For further detail on our open access policy and the activities permitted under our Open Access licenses, please click here.

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The manuscripts are peer-reviewed and a first decision is provided to the authors approximately within a month after submission and acceptance to publication is undertaken in 7 days.