Different Aspects of Tourism Marketing Strategies With Special Reference to Bangladesh: An Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Mahboob Ali

Department of Business Administration and Economics, Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology, Dhaka, BD

Chowdhury Sifat-e-Mohsin

Assistant ProfessorSchool of Business, State University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, BD

Khulna University Business Review – A Journal of Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University, BD
Volume 6, Number 1 & 2, January to December 2008, Pages 91-106
DOI: 10.35649/KUBR.2008.6.12.8
Published: October 2009
Published Online:
July 2019

Tourism marketing depends on successful formulation of strategic planning and its implementation. Tourism can add value in the economy if proper marketing plan and strategy can be built and implemented. Tourism market may be segmented on the basis of local and foreign tourists as well as income level of the tourists. Tourism sector should be properly explored, so that it will have positive contribution towards increase of Gross domestic product. Entrepreneurship development is required in the tourism sector and regional cooperation can bring benefits for Bangladesh. The article tried to analyze various aspects of tourism marketing strategies. Growth of the tourism industry of a country largely depends on domestic and global environment. The situation of the globe as well as current situation of the tourism sector in Bangladesh was also discussed. The study is based on both primary data and secondary data. Time period of the study is in between 1st November 2005 and 31st January 2006. Through estimating a regression equation, authors observe that for Bangladesh- spots and cost of services have positive impact on the tourism sector. Authors suggested that tourism should be acted as an important ingredient of economic development of the country for which synergy may be applied between tourism marketing plan and its implementation process. Integrated marketing communications channel should be used to develop tourism sector of the country.